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Smart Equipment Rental 

Successful trial work is the ultimate demonstration of a lawyer's professional expertise.  It is not just facts and documents but the trial presentation itself and engaging the jury are essential as well.  While it is possible to use in-house resources to acquire equipment, set up the courtroom and run the presentation, experience tells us that having a team devoted to just trial technology is the best way to avoid problems and to ensure the effective communication of your case. Let i-legal be your team.

i-Legal has more that 15 years experience in trial presentations.

Maestro Presentation System now available for use at your next trial!

    Notwithstanding the coming of the digital age, you still need to get your exhibits organized, labeled, distributed, printed etc.  For large cases this final processing step can be a huge drain on your staffs' time and ability to work on how the evidence will be used at trial.

    i-Legal has the expertise and the equipment to manage the exhibits from a small traffic accident to a large intellectual property suit.  

     For your next trial, consider outsourcing the exhibit management  and other clerical chores to i-Legal.   Thereby, allowing your team to focus on preparing an effective trial presentation.  

Trial Preparation Sevices

     For more than 15 years i-Legal has provided complete trial presentation services to it clients. From Exhibit Management to Courtroom tear down, i-Legal does it all, relieving you of any worry, lost sleep or last minute disasters.

     When you  retain i-Legal to do the trial:

  • Prepare all exhibits for printing and display.
  • Set up the courtroom the day/week before trial so there is no panic that first day.
  • Bring all the equipment, cables, carts, monitors, projectors, laser pointers, scanner, printer etc. so that we are ready not only for trial but all the contingencies that arise during trial.
  • Be the first one to arrive each day and handle any issues and questions that come.
  • Operate the computer and efficiently present evidence as needed.  No scripting, planning or other "overhead". For counsel, imagine during the trial with paper, instead of asking the witness to find an exhibit, tell me and it appears.
  • Handle courtroom tear down

    This complete package relieves you of all the headaches but allows you to still wow the jury with the efficiency of your presentation.


   Trying to rent equipment for a trial presentation can be an adventure as you set up and realize that you don't have everything you need to actually make it work well.

     Doing a trial requires more than just a computer and a projector.  You need a cart so the projector can be placed in the best position, you may need cables to attach the computer to the projector, you should have proper gaffer tape (using duct tape can be hazardous as it may stain the carpet).

    Working with i-Legal will give you our expertise in what it takes to set up a courtroom so you can be confident that you have everything you need.

i-Legal has acquired a Maestro Presentation system and is making the latest in trial technology available to its customers.  For a full overview of Maestro and its features visit:

    This system gives counsel complete control of the presentation, allows real time zooming, highlight, video display and more by the examining attorney (and staff as well) during the trial..  

    The advantage of an i-Legal Maestro set up is that everything will be set up and running when you arrive on the first day of trial (which is not small feat with the equipment involved with Maestro).  In addition, the Maestro system comes with a single monitor which may not be adequate for the needs of many court rooms.  i-Legal offers extra monitors and projectors that can supplement the main display.