i-Legal was founded by Jay LaVigne in 1998 in order to bring a vertically integrated technology based litigation support system.  i-Legal provided scanning, processing, software and training as one package to its customers.  This model assured that the system worked because i-Legal managed the entire process.  Mr. LaVigne was uniquely situated to provide this complete experience due to his background that included:

Colorado Attorney.
More than 6 years as counsel in big document litigation.
Computer Programmer.
Extensive document scanning and management experience.

This model worked great for sole practitioners, medium sized firms and lawyers in national firms.  They simply had i-Legal pick up the boxes and searchable images were returned.  i-Legal’s original system was TIF based as PDF management was very closed and functionality was controlled by Adobe.

However, as discovery has evolved, less and less scanning has been needed, third party PDF technology advanced and an application which could easily manage PDFs without load files became needed.   It is worth noting that it took 3 years of searching before finding the tools that could do the job for an efficient document review system.

As i-Legal make the transition from a service provider to a software company, we intend to continue working closely with our customers to ensure that the system meets their needs rather than conforming to some obscure specification written by non-lawyers. 

As part of that commitment, we make a fully functional single case version of the system available so you can do a complete analysis of i-View before making any purchase commitment.   No need to guess, i-Legal wants you to be very comfortable with its system.