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PDF & PC File Review, Index, Code, Annotate and Manage System

           We live in a PDF world, pleadings are filed on-line in PDF, discovery is produced in PDF, depositions are delivered in PDF.  While the PDF format certainly beats paper, managing 100s and 1000s of computer files can be just as challenging as managing boxes and boxes of paper. In this environment, the lack of an affordable, easy for the office to use, multiuser system has been a source of frustration of all who have confronted the issue.

           i-Legal, owned by a lawyer and programmer, has been in the litigation support industry for 18 years, providing litigation support services and custom software to a variety of Colorado law firms.  i-View represents the distillation of all that we have learned about how document review and management works.  

           One simple feature that has been invaluable is the ability to arrow down the list of documents having the system open and close each file rather than relying on you to do it manually.  You can easily code each document and move on, materially increasing productivity over the open, look, close, open, look, close blur of mouse clicks that many systems demand.

            Below is a list of the features our user have found key so far.  However, after 30 years in big litigation, we know that we may not have discussed what you consider to be your biggest headache. Perhaps a quick look at the manual linked to the right could help or feel free to contact the owner with your question directly by clicking the button below:

> Easy & Fast PDF Review.
> Integrates with your current case file organization, no special set up or staff retraining.
> Low Cost Licenses and Operation.
> Native file (Word, Excel, WAV, Image, etc.) management capabilities.
> Multi-User, Off-line and lap top functionality.
> No load files, no special expertise to add files to the system, copy and start reviewing.
> Native Annotation (Acrobat, i-Annotate, etc.) management, deletion as well as redaction processing.
> Simple, yet powerful, coding tools.
> Specialized PDF Admin tools, rapid breakout of large PDFs and document extraction.




The i-View Trial Version includes the ability to:

  • Rapidly Break Up Large PDFs into individual documents.
  • Rename a series of PDFs to Bates Number
  • Bates Label PDFs.​​

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